I highly recommend Daniel Black and his ministry to you.  He is a young man of great integrity and passion for Jesus. He loves to pray, to heal the sick, and to expand the kingdom of God. I have nothing but good things to say about him!

Stacey Campbell, co-founder of Be A Hero, International Speaker

Daniel is a visionary with the ability to speak profoundly and bring transformation to others, We have been honored to have had him with us on a number of occasions, challenging preconceptions, mind sets and articulating a radical message of hope!

Tim and Alethea Yao, former Campus Pastors, New Life Church, Hong Kong

It's an honor to be a friend and co-laborer in Christ with Daniel Black. We have had the honor of him coming to speak at our Discover School in Bethlehem & Jerusalem, Israel in 2010 to teach our students and conduct meeting's with local leaders.

Daniel displays a unique gift mix of the five fold ministry. Operating from all gifts as the Lord leads. He has a revelation of Love with a sharp prophetic edge for this generation to shift them into new realms for impartation and activation. Through the word of the Lord through Daniel we have seen many healed, set free and in Joy. He walks out the fruits of the spirit in grace and fervor challenging all around him to step up to higher realms of Glory.

Aaron and Brenda McKenzie, His Glory to the Nations Ministry, Co-Founders of Iris Israel, Jerusalem & Bethlehem

Daniel Black has traveled with World Missions Alliance to Chin@ between the years of 2005 and 2007 as a speaker at evangelistic crusades. His ministry gifts in preaching, intercession and personal ministry were a great asset to WMA teams and have touched many lives. Daniel’s ability to reach into the hardest of hearts, his personal integrity and genuine and deep love for God and His creation are the core foundation of Love Fest Global - the incredible ministry that God entrusted him with in the “uttermost parts of the world."

Helen Todd, Vice President, World Missions Alliance, Missouri, USA

We would like to recommend the ministry of Daniel Black. We have known him for most of his life and have watched a powerful man of God emerge through the years. He has a strong heart of worship and a committment to the secret place with God. Out of his worshipping heart flows a love for the lost and also for the church, desiring that all would experience the radical love and grace of God. His ministry whether to rich or poor is done with the power of honor and prophetic inspiration. He builds through the word a foundation of the love of God and is an inspiration to all who know him to not only follow God but to know Him in all His fullness.

Daniel is willing to work and function in the places where no one is watching, whether it be in prayer or in ministry. He takes on the ministry projects that the Holy Spirit guides him to and doesn't do something just because everyone else is. He has the spiritual ability to hear what God is saying to him and the courage to rest in God's ability and desire to make it happen. Daniel has the tremendous ability not to take rejection personally and to love the one doing the rejecting. His actions are a ministry of their own! We have been blessed, challenged and inspired by his ministry.

Ron and Deborah Friese, House of Prayer/International Speakers, California, USA

​Daniel Black is a man with a heart after Jesus' heart. He isn't inspired to simply act like Jesus, but to love the people of this world the way Jesus loves the people of this world. He is a compassionate, kind and honoring revivalist that travels the nations and shares the restoration message of the Father to all that will open their hearts to hear. Having been in the pastoral ministry for the better part of 20 years, without hesitation, I would recommend Daniel to minister in any church, conference or evangelism outreach settings.

Kevin Thompson, Sr. Pastor of Revelation Church, Washington, USA

​I met Daniel Black face to face when he became the newest -- and then one of the most invaluable members -- to an Iris Ministries missions trip to Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the underground  Church in Chin@. What distinguishes Daniel is this unusual gift of encouragement -- he discovers the gold in people, transforms lemons to make lemonade, and seems to truly see people through the very eyes of Our Heavenly Father. He sees people through the lens of heaven, and calls things forth things which are not as if they are--creating hope in people and believing in them even when they sometimes do not believe in themselves. He loves God with all his heart, and then takes that love to love people well. He reminds me of the Proverb 18:24: 'a friend who sticks closer than a brother.'

Shara Pradhan, Director/Producer of 'Compelled by Love the Film', Co-author of 'Compelled by Love'

It is my privilege to introduce to you Daniel Black.  I have been in full time vocational ministry for over thirty years and in this season of my life and ministry I am especially excited about the young leaders and revivalists who are emerging in the church and courageously working to expand the realm of God’s Kingdom on earth.  I count Daniel among that elite group.

Daniel is a lover. As Daniel perseveres in the call on his life I believe his epithet will become “Apostle of Love”. Daniel loves Jesus and loves people. He loves to demonstrate and impart the love of God wherever the wind of the Spirit moves him.  His is a ministry guaranteed success; after all, “Love never fails”.

Daniel is a communicator.  When I sit under his ministry I am impressed with his teaching and preaching ability. Daniel also takes advantage of new technologies to get the message out to his generation, the next generation and to us “boomers” who are trying to keep up with new ministry tools like smart phones and Facebook.

Daniel is a leader.  My wife and I have been privileged to be accepted as a spiritual mom and dad to His House Fellowship, the church led by Daniel’s parents. Daniel is engaged as a leader in that church. Because of Daniel’s worldwide contacts anointed ministers in the Body of Christ continue to come to impart their grace in this church and our geographic area. It is a wonderful blessing for our region.

I could write more but I just wanted to wet your appetite for the grace that Daniel walks in and imparts.  If you would like more information please feel free to e-mail me, call me or find me on Facebook. I would be happy to chat with you.

Gary McCreith, Eaglescrest Ministries, Oregon, USA

I have known Daniel for 3 years.  The first time I met him was when he came with a team to minister at our church, Revival Christian Church, in Hong Kong. The team ministered in the Word, in prayer and in healing. Many people were greatly touched."Since then I have ministered at his church in California and he has been to Hong Kong and has shared at our church and also among our youth.  I see in Daniel a heart for people and a heart for the nations. His passion is to minister the fullness of the love of God – to see people healed from a lot of the bondage of their past and enter into new freedom in the knowledge of God’s love.  He loves to pray with people. It is exciting to see these ones touched and healed and ushered into a real encounter with the Lord."He is a man of integrity and his heart is to bless and minister to God’s people and also to see many won to the Lord through this message. He moves with great sensitivity to what Holy Spirit is saying. The message he shares is solid and his foundation is in the Word of God. I recommend him to you and may you be blessed.

Kathy Balcombe, Co-Founding Pastor of Revival Christian Church, Hong Kong

I believe in Daniel. He has great knowledge in organizing and promotion of events and missions. He uses wisdom in planning and facilitating. I would recommend him as a speaker and promoter. His heart is for the consumers and people. He is an effective leader making plans and following through.

Robert Fendler, Sr. Pastor, Rivers of Life, California, USA 

As a guest speaker at His House Fellowship, I have found a beautiful reciprocal blessing when I ministered and was ardently ministered to in return. I wholeheartedly recommend to you the ministry of Daniel Black, along with his family who are a great part of this wonderful full Gospel, signs and wonders ministry.

Paul Cain, International Speaker